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From ordering, to dispatch, to invoicing & payments — Dispatch Panda's “one-stop” web-based TMS keeps your freight business moving


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Constant availability with continuous access from anywhere in the world. Multi-level Security to secure application access and data from unwanted use or intrusion

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Affordable, pay-as-you-go software. No long-term contracts. DispatchPanda is a partner in your success — we grow when you do.



Dispatch Panda is an Intermodal Trucking Software has been tailored specifically for the intermodal trucking companies.

From small family-run businesses to mid-size trucking companies; DispatchPanda provides the tools and systems you need to manage the work flow of your business.
It is a comprehensive software solution incorporating dispatching, fleet management, driver management, safety and compliance and accounting from a single easy-to-use platform.

Dispatch Panda is developed and supported by transportation industry experts who understand the daily challenges facing your business.

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Visual and Simplified Dispatching Software

A reliable and innovative cloud based dispatch system for the Intermodal trucking companies to manage all aspects of the transportation business.

Dispatch Panda is for innovators who want an ‘enterprise-grade’ web-based TMS without spending tens of thousands on licenses, internal IT, or software maintenance. It allows you to run multiple branches and automate your business with Customer & Carrier self-serve portals.

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Solve Common Problems With Modern Software

Dispatch Panda’s end-to-end route planning, dispatch, communication and analytics platform handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on your customers

Easy Dispatching
Take your delivery operation to the next level with advanced route optimization, automated dispatch, real-time fleet tracking & powerful tracking.
Delight Customer
Automatic Shipment notifications, real-time driver tracking, proof-of-delivery and feedback collection tools ensure every delivery is delightful
Track & Trace Shipment
Monitor your shipments real-time. Get intelligent tracking alerts. No e-mails, no visits to several web pages, no phone calls. One click to refresh all your live shipment Status.
Accelerate Your Invoicing Digitally
Flip your billing cycle from a problematic chore into a streamlined solution. Automated work-flows trigger billing & accounting. Explore customizable templates, automatic email invoices with proof-of-deliveries.
Customize Driver Payment Plans
Flexible to handle all kinds and combinations of driver pay contracts. From Company Drivers and Owner Operators to Agent Carrier Drivers and Brokered Contract Drivers, DispatchPanda calculate pay in just a few seconds per driver.

DispatchPanda Functionalities

Dispatch Board

At the heart of our Intermodal Dispatching System is the Dispatch Board. This screen is the home screen for all dispatching activities. Clean, organized and specifically designed for Intermodal Carriers, the Dispatch Board brings the most important activities to the front and graphically informs users of your operation’s overall status and performance.

“Plan & Dispatch In Parallel”

The most powerful planning tool helps the dispatcher in routine tasks and decisions. Each step in the evolution of dispatching will be guided by visual, consistent, and reliable alternatives.

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Customer Portal

Offer your clients the convenience of accessing their order/shipment status, invoices, and download PODs in a single place.

Dispatch Panda’s customer portal provides a dedicated hub for your customers to manage their orders, shipments with a dedicated customer web portal, customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Your clients don't have to wait for you to send their statement of accounts any longer. Now, they can simply download a PDF copy, or print them through the Client Portal.

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Active Reporting

Dispatch Panda’s dashboard give you an accurate view of your operations.

“Track Performance and Discover Key Insights”

Dispatch Panda’s sophisticated reports empowers you with immediate, actionable insights through your data in a way that was simply impossible. Visualize operational data with drilling, sorting, filtering, pivoting and configurable exports to PDF, Excel and more

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Equipment Maintenance

To ensure safe operations and prevent breakage and financial losses, it is important to rigorously manage inspections. Indeed, the state of your equipment directly affects your dispatch efficiency.

Dispatch Panda sends you reminders when schedules come due and automates work orders, so you don’t fall behind.
The system automatically tracks maintenance and inspection history for easy regulatory compliance and reporting.

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Document Management

Dispatch Panda’s Document management provides a hassle free way to organize, retrieve, and send all your necessary documents without needless trips to the filing cabinet.

When it is linked with your website then your customers can download copies of the documents they need without ever picking up the phone - faster for them, easier for you!

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We Streamline Data, Documents & Operations

Rose Rocket gives your team all the information they need, when they need it.

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We Streamline Data, Documents & Operations

Dispatch Panda gives your team all the information
"they need, when they need it"

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